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Our current Off The Shelf items are our famous Archive Boxes!
They are also great for moving those heavy or fragile objects!

ASOB Heavy Duty Archive Cardboard Boxes 02

Are you tired of archive boxes that fall apart? Crush easily when stacked? Do you hate it when you pick up an archive box only to see the contents fall onto the floor? Frustrated by the handles ripping? Sick and tired of losing the lid?

Then our Heavy Duty Archive Boxes are for you.

Unfortunately words like "High Quality" or "Extra Strong" are used a lot these days, when in reality the item is not made to be of superior quality at all. But our Archive Boxes really are Heavy Duty, quality products.

ASOB Heavy Duty Archive Cardboard Box 03

Our Archive Boxes are made using heavy duty Super Flute corrugated cardboard.

Special heavy duty features include -
Solid, double layered, reinforced base (The base will NOT fall apart).
Triple wall reinforced Handles (No more ripped out handles).
Attached hinged lid with triple reenforced front lip (No more lost lids).
Security Tag feature incorporated into front of Lid and box (When things need to be secure).
Triple layered reinforced side walls (No more crushed boxes from stacking).

ASOB Heavy Duty Archive Cardboard Box 04

Standard specifications include -
Australian Made.
410mm x 305mm x 275mm Tall, internal measurements.
One piece construction, no tape required.

These boxes are also great for those times you need some extra strength in a carton. Like when you are moving or need to store items. Ideal for things like books or glassware and fragiles.

We also offer a budget cardboard version, made in the same heavy duty style, but constructed from lighter weight cardboard. Ideal for when the budget is the highest priority. The cardboard used in the budget version is comparable to most archive boxes sold by other suppliers.

Our heavy duty Super Flute cardboard versions are available in brown or white.
Supplied in a protective outer box with 15 to the box.

Price : $44.25 ($2.95ea) plus GST, plus Delivery.

Our Budget cardboard version is available in brown only.
Supplied in a protective outer box with 15 to the box.

Price : $34.50 ($2.30ea) plus GST, plus Delivery.

For an additional cost and minimum order quantity, the archive boxes can be printed to your specification.

We can also do special pricing for large orders.

For further information or to place an order, please contact us on 02 9668 8855 or email us

Note : Prices are subject to change without notice.
Disclaimer: Above claims are subject to normal use.